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      Our vision is to be a world-class B2B distribution company focused on products, services and solutions that drive value for our customers, shareholders and suppliers.

      Our mission is to partner with key suppliers and industry experts to transform world-class products and industry-leading service capabilities into cost-effective, innovative supply chain solutions.

      We help our customers build, operate, connect and power their businesses to improve bottom line and sustain the world we live in.

      Strategic Supplier Partnerships

      WESCO partners with premier manufacturers that support the market segments we serve around the world. The depth and breadth of their offerings have helped establish us as a key source of top-quality products and solutions across numerous markets.

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      Value-Added Solutions

      We understand that customers aren’t just looking for products. They want solutions that will materialize into cost savings and increased efficiencies for their business. That’s why we’ve developed a diverse set of Value Creation solutions with a successful track record of helping companies improve their operations.

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      Extensive Product and Service Portfolio for a Wide Range of Industries

      WESCO is a preferred supplier of products and services to the world’s top companies, and we know what it takes to help your business operate more efficiently and profitably.

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      Our reputation rests on our ability to meet whatever need or challenge our customers have. Here’s how we do it.

      Broad Product Offering

      We aim to streamline supply chains through an extensive offering of electrical, communication, MRO, and OEM products.

      Value Creation Solutions

      We help customers improve productivity and reduce operating costs through a comprehensive range of service solutions, including job trailers, energy audits, engineering services, and integrated supply.

      Local Presence

      Our 10 distribution centers and approximately 500 branches in North America and international locations serve our customers wherever their facilities are located.

      Financial Stability

      WESCO has a strong balance sheet and has generated more than $900 million of free cash flow over the past four years, enabling the company to operate effectively through all phases of the economic cycle.

      Competitive Advantage

      We help improve a business’s bottom line through our extensive buying power with top manufacturers and one of the lowest operating costs in the distribution industry.

      Proven Track Record

      More than half of the Fortune 500 companies across a broad range of industries use WESCO as a primary source for their MRO, OEM, and capital project requirements.

      Continuous Improvement

      There's always more we can do to help improve a customer’s business and their WESCO experience.

      Toronto, ON
      Vancouver, BC
      Edmonton, AB
      Sparks, NV
      Little Rock, AR
      Byhanlia, MS
      Madison, WI
      Warrendale, PA
      Montreal, QC

      Distribution Capabilities

      We continue to expand our global network to ensure easy access to our inventory. We’ve built our offering with the help of more than 25,000 suppliers, ensuring that customers will always find what they’re looking for. We operate about 500 branches and 10 automated distribution centers around the world.

      We know that time is crucial to our customers, and it's also crucial to us. We have an experienced and reliable fleet team that gets products to our customers when they need them.